Welcome to Hacston

Hacston is a wonderful and cosmopolitan city built in a series of huge caverns. In Hacston the surface world is unheard of, and indeed a laughable idea. Hacston contains populations of all the races of the worlds and plentiful people of every occupation, allowing one to find any race/class combination. It contains excellent shops of every type allowing any item to be bought or spell to be cast, all for a set and published price.

However Hacston has various problems, the most notable of which is that it has filled all the caverns of the known world. Luckily the wizard’s guild has recently discovered a new technique to open portals to other unconnected caverns. Less fortunately these caverns are dangerous, full of monsters and traps, but also treasure and powerful magical items. The grand council of Hacston has decided a willing group of mercenaries should be assembled and tasked with exploring the new caverns.


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